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Digital Ticketing 101

Flex Membership Ticket Redemption

Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Hover over “Ticket Central” until drop-down menu appears
  2. Click on “MyStorm Account”
  3. Login using your email and password
  4. Click “see more events”
  5. Go to the month of September
  6. Click “2018 Flex Vouchers” located on September 30th
  7. Select the number of tickets you would like to use by first clicking “Exchange Seats”, then checking each individual box next to the ticket. CLICK EXCHANGE in the upper right corner  Continue to exchange
  8. Select the home game you would like to use the tickets for and CLICK CONTINUE
  9. A seat map will appear with available seats (make sure your web browser is allowing “Flash Player” or else the map will not load). Select the section and seats you would like in the price point you paid for by clicking on the dot(s). You also have the option of upgrading your seats but will be charged the difference
  10. Click “Checkout”. Notice the cost should say $0.00
  11. “Review Your Exchange” page will appear. Click EXCHANGE SEATS
  12. Select your ticket delivery method. IGNORE THE TOTAL AMOUNT as this will go back to $0.00 in the next screen. Click CONTINUE
  13. Check the box that agrees to the terms and click PURCHASE TICKETS. Notice the Total is $0.00
  14. Click “Go To My Account” and you will see your tickets


What is ‘My Storm Account’?

Your Storm 360° membership card complements your existing My Storm Account benefits, which are:

  • Instantly forward tickets to friends and family
  • Print paper tickets at your convenience
  • Exchange unused tickets prior to games for additional tickets to future games
  • Post tickets online for re-sale
  • Purchase additional tickets at your exclusive membership discounted rate

Can I enter KeyArena by showing my ticket(s) on my phone?

You can login in to your My Storm Account using your mobile device to access your tickets. Select ‘view tickets’ to pull up the barcode for the attendant to scan upon arrival at KeyArena. For more information watch the video above.

What happens if I lose my card or it’s stolen?

If your Storm 360° Membership Card is lost or stolen please contact your membership agent immediately. Your card will be deactivated and will no longer be able to grant entry to KeyArena. A replacement card will be re-issued for you to use for the remainder of the season.

What if I want to continue using paper tickets instead of digital tickets?

You still have the ability to print your tickets from your own computer (via My Storm Account), with the PDF printout serving as your game ticket.

If I want to manager my tickets online, how and when can I start doing that?

Ticket management is typically enabled in conjunction with receiving your Storm 360° Membership packet in the mail.

Will I receive tickets in the mail this year?

You will receive your Storm 360° Membership packet in the mail this year which will include your membership card(s), credential(s), and exclusive gift.

If I would like further help understanding my options, who do I contact?

If you would like personal assistance from a Storm Membership Agent, please call 206-217-WNBA (9622), or email You may also visit the Huddle on game days outside Section 118 for in person assistance. Lastly, how-to guides and videos have been provided below.